If you don’t use a phone case, you most likely would have, more than once, accidentally pressed the third button that’s adjacent to the volume rocker buttons, especially when you’re playing music

Then, Bixby comes up – except that, you didn’t want her to come up. Ouch #BixbyIsSad

Very recently, Samsung has released a new feature that will enable users to customize and use that Bixby button to open an application of their choice! This means you can turn the Bixby button into a quick button to open camera, or instagram, for example.

Here’s how you do it:

First, Update the Bixby software on your phone

As Bixby is a Samsung pre-installed application, you’ll need to find the Galaxy Apps Store. Yes, i know, You probably don’t use it – But you need it now! 2019-03-01_141208.png

Once loaded, press the menu button on the top right hand corner of the screen. (the button with 3 dots lined vertically). But most likely, you’ll see an orange circle number display on top – like mine. This indicates the number of updates. Just Select that, then select My Page.

Screenshot_20190301-135732_Galaxy StoreScreenshot_20190301-135736_Galaxy Store

Select Update:


5. You’ll See this update page. You may have many Samsung based apps to update, and i suggest updating all of them. The star of the show are the 4 Bixby apps that need to be updated. Select Update all! (Note: You may want to use Wi-Fi connection as the update takes quite a lot of data).Β Screenshot_20190301-135747_Galaxy Store.jpg

Then Wait.Β Once all have been updated, its time to give that bixby button a new trick.

PHASE 2: Let’s Teach Bixby her new trick!Β 

6. Press your bixby button once now, and set her up if you haven’t done so (you will need to agree to some terms and conditions).

Eventually, you should come to this page (with your name on it). Select the 3 dotted menu icon (Highlighted in yellow this time)


7. Select Settings:


8. Scroll down and Select Bixby Key! Hold on, we’re almost there… πŸ˜€


9. You’ll end up seeing the following page below. Most likely, Bixby is supposed to open with a single click of the button. But you would want your preferred application to open instead, within the first click. So click “Double press to open bixby”, then Turn on “Use single press”

10. Then press the “Use single press” area. I have highlighted the area you should click in yellow. If done correctly, you’ll see the screen after this one:


11. On this screen, you can choose to make a single click of the bixby button either open an application, or run a quick command. For me, I wanted the bixby button to open the camera app. So I selected the “Open App” option, pressed the gear icon, and then chose my preferred application. Once done, press the back button until you exit Bixby.


12. You’re done! From now on, a single click of your bixby button will open the application of your choice, or run the command you set in the screen. If you ever want to open Bixby or customize this again, simply press the bixby button twice, and go thru the steps from phase 2 onwards.

Happy? You’re welcome! πŸ˜€

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