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How to choose the perfect Computing Device?

Notebook, Gaming Notebook, Ultrabook, or Tablet? Which type of device should i get? And which one is powerful enough for my computing needs?

These are very common questions that comes to mind when buying a new computing device. Clueless and want to know more about how to choose your perfect computing device? Fret not, you’ll learn more about Technology with Aaron! 😀

We have a in-house developed, fully original, 9 Part Series that will guide you towards choosing the best computing device that suits your needs.

These are the things you should take note of when choosing your next computing device:

1) Processing Power (CPU)

2) Storage Options (HDD, SSD or eMMC?)

3) Graphics Cards

4) Random Access Memory (RAM)

5) Battery life

6) Operating System (OS)

7) Weight

8) Additional Features (I): Small things that matter!

9) Additional Features (II): Transformable computers!

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We hope you find our guide useful towards making an informed decision when buying  your next laptop or tablet. Any queries or feedback? Tell us in the comments below!

Note: This page contains the most updated guides, based on our subsidiary site SP Notebook Reviews 🙂

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