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Contact/About #TechWithAaron

Welcome to #TechWithAaron (Formerly known as Aaron’s Tech Tips!)

Website Background

Started on the 5th of August 2015, This site was born with a purpose in mind – For hosting Honest, latest news and reviews on technology and IT gadgets, experiences, tips and knowledge for everyone to learn and gain.

#TechWithAaron is also the owner of subsidiary site, SP Notebook Reviews. Our subsidiary website aims to help Singapore Polytechnic students choose a notebook from SP that is value for money and which would serve them well for the rest of their polytechnic life. We do not earn anything from running this subsidiary project. You may read them at: https://spnotebookreviews.wordpress.com/.

All our websites are Free for everyone to read, comment and contribute to.

Contact us for Collaborations, Product Reviews and Features

I’d love to hear from you! If you have any enquiries, feedback or would like to arrange a product review, I’d highly recommend Contacting me via our Facebook Page.

Alternatively, please email us at: notebookchooser@gmail.com. Please note we may take up to 5 working days to reply. Sometimes, but hopefully not, possibly longer.  (This is due to busy schedules).

Future features in the Pipeline: 

In the near future, a select array of products may be sold via our “Products on sale” Tab. Purchase is obviously non-obligatory. More details soon (I hope! XD). For now, we’ve got nothing up just yet 😉

Cheers and enjoy my FREE websites!

Chief Editor of Aaron’s Tech Tips and SP Notebook Reviews

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