Hello Guys! I’m back, This time round, with a bunch of Mystery Boxes to review.

Just to put it out there, I bought all these boxes with my own cash, so…you can be sure they are truthful 😛

First up, we have the Tefal x Lazada Mystery Box, sold on the 10th of December 2018, as a build up towards Lazada’s 12.12 (12 December) sale for 2018. The “final sale” of the year (unless you include boxing day sales….lol)

TLDR: Man, what a box. 

Are you ready? Let’s go!


My first impression was….WOW what a big box TEFAL! I know…not the best looking box out there (you’ll know why in some future boxes)….but i don’t care too much about the box looks. More important is what is included inside!  #Stoked.

Both Tefal and NinjaVan was really prompt at delivering the box. Bought the box on 10th December 12am. by 6:38am on 11th December (lol Tefal’s employees didn’t sleep ah?!), A Tracking number was up for tracking. And then, Next day delivery by ninjavan – i got it on 11th December.  #Awesome

Opening the box, i was pleasantly surprised first, by the great amount of bubble/impact protection that had been placed inside the box. Considering that the cooking pan does not come with its own box, it’s great thinking by Tefal and alot of shops should try to do that too.


Yes, i know the bubble wrap sounds like a silly thing to feature, but wait till you end up with a package with damaged goods inside. So, kudos to Tefal for that.

Anyway, back to the main highlight. What did I get for $30 (including shipping)?

I was really surprised.

  1. The Main Feature item. A 28cm Tefal Cooking Pan! (Worth $50.90)20181211_170916-01.jpegI do have some experience in cooking, okay? So i know what i’m talking about. #F&N Student here. :PTefal non-stick pans have always been really good, especially for shallow frying. The meat does not stick to the pan easily, which means less oil needs to be used. And the coating usually lasts a few years too! With a diameter of 28cm, This pan is the perfect size for shallow frying or cooking omelettes and fried stuff for your family. The pan is one of Tefals updated models with a Titanium coating. Supposedly it is not only cool looking with that circular ring design in the pan, but it should last longer than the previous coatings.

    I also like that the temperature indicator is there – It’s perfect for those with not-so-good skills (ahem. I think i fall in that category) in cooking, to begin frying any items they want to at the right time, for better texture and taste with their food.

    My only wish is that the pan would be a little taller, so that more oil/liquid can be contained in the pan during cooking. Other than that, a great pan!

  2. Box Stuffer 2: A Kettle?! (worth $39.90)I was surprised by this box-stuffer, which is a really good one as it has a 360 rotational base (less fumbling to put the filled kettle in and out), removable filter (for easier cleaning) and stainless steel diamond element.

    The kettle is Great for small homes and offices, as it can boil water and auto-shut off once it’s done. There are quite a few models out there that don’t have this basic auto-shut off function. No one wants to come back to see all their water being slowly boiled down to nothing or worse….a browned, burnt kettle the next day, just because they forgot to shut off the boiling function.

    So It’s great to see a product that was designed with some sense, is being sold in the market (and being included in the box)!20181211_170957-01.jpeg

3. Tefal Utility Knife (Worth $30.90)20181211_171217.jpg

And a third box-filler –  A nice paring knife. Haven’t opened it yet, but knowing tefal’s quality and name in cooking products, i’m sure this knife would work well. Comes with a “Comfort handle” for less tiring cutting of vegetables or tomatoes. Oh, and a cover for the knife.

So, was the box worth it?

A Resounding yes this time! See the selling prices sourced out for the 3 items (all from lazada’s shopping page). They seem accurate enough in this case:

  1. Tefal 28CM Frying Pan: Worth $50.90
  2. Tefal Kettle: Worth $39.90
  3. Tefal Utility Knife: Worth $30.90

So, $40 for a box with $121.70 worth of items. All of them usable and not junk products (Ahem. Memory World Box. Yucks).20181211_171254.jpg

I’m giving this a 5/5 Rating. Awesome box. Looking forward to using the frying pan and knife, and maybe the giving the kettle as a gift to a friend.

I’ve got more boxes which i bought to use and review. So Like my Facebook Page, and stay updated to see what i got on the other boxes! 🙂