It’s 2 hours to your deadline. You need to Print a document urgently.

And then, your ink tank printer decides to throw you a bad print job because You never used it for weeks and the ink has dried up on the print head.

If you’re lucky, you can resolve it with head cleaning. If not, you’re down for a trip to the service centre (and worse, desperately finding a place to print your stuff).

Fret not, If you have the discipline, we have the right tool for you to prevent this!

Designed to make the colours “Flow”, there’s enough colour being used on the print sheet to ensure the ink does not get to clog the print head.


Instructions for use:

ADVICE: Only for use on an ink tank printer. If you’re using a cartridge type Inkjet printer, this will cause quite a bit of precious ink to be wasted. (Also, why are you even using those cartridge printers anyway? They’re far too expensive to maintain!)


  1. Download our exclusive #TechWithAaron tool here (in pdf format)
  2. Click the handy Download button on the top right hand corner. Save it somewhere you’ll see it everyday (So you don’t forget about it). The Desktop is a good option.
  3. Open the PDF File, and print the document. We highly recommend using dual sided printing (So you don’t waste paper. DONE!

There are a few benefits to our specially created file. Other than printing the 4 ink colours, it may also show you if the ink head is partially jammed. Check that the hex patterns and “Colour Run” prints with no defects, and you’re good to go. Otherwise, you might want to try a print head cleaning (Although sometimes, this will not help it).

Remember to print this every week, especially if you tend to not use your printer to print much (or any stuff) for a few weeks at a time. It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to at least print something every week if you have an ink tank printer. Otherwise, the print head can jam, causing pretty expensive repairs when out of warranty. 

This PDF file is a good measure – I’ve been using it for more than a year on my (SECOND) Epson ink tank printer. And i’ve no issues with print head drying after this.

LEARN FROM MY EXPERIENCE. My previous Epson Ink Tank printer was NEVER able to print a nice document again after not printing with it for a few months. Despite multiple head cleans and power flushes being done, causing its waste ink pads to become full. (I’ve fixed that issue myself, but thats another story for another day).

Have fun with our new free tools!