ICYMI, Apple is running a programme that offers CHEAP AUTHENTIC battery replacement for your beloved iPhones.

So dust off your old iPhone 6, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s/7, or bring your still-great iPhone 8 or iPhone X down for a cheap battery replacement! Prices start from ONLY $38 for the older iPhone models, and is FREE for iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X.

So what are you waiting for? Get to this link and sign up for a battery service request, official from APPLE, right now! 

*Note, please scroll down the link and click start a battery service request to begin the process.

The details are as follows:


As a general rule of thumb, all lithium batteries lose about 25% of battery capacity EVERY year. This means if you are using that phone for more than a year (or even 2!), you’re not wrong in noticing your battery life has decreased.

WORSE: Apple slows down your device further by throttling it so that your battery dosent die on you too quickly. Well, that’s great, but i’m sure no one wants a performance DEGRADE on an old device, right?

So get yourself an appointment with APPLE orchard Store, and get your iPhone fixed for cheap while you can. After this promo ends (after 31 December 2018), the prices JUMP back up to $69 for most iPhone models, and $99 for the iPhone X. Still reasonable, but who would want to pay that? 

And please, as much as possible, don’t try and skimp by going to a random “ah beng” handphone shop to change your batteries. Because no matter how good their parts may be, i’m sure it’ll be almost impossible to get the same reliable service you’d expect from apple. (Hint: Most after-market batteries that are not from apple, tend to be not-as-good as the official. And sometimes, you could end up with a recycled battery or straight up unreliable product which can’t hold a charge after a few months)

So please, take advantage of this offer while you can!