Note: This guide is useful for ALL Samsung devices with a curved display, which you tried to install a tempered glass screen protector on.

So, you went out to buy the flashy new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Or you bought the (still amazing) Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+.photo_2018-09-08_16-20-18.jpg

You wanted to protect your “investment” with a tempered glass screen protector. But alas. Now your screen doesn’t respond well to touch! You can’t type messages on your keyboard properly!

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Step 1: Go to your settings. This can be found in your app drawer.

Or you could bring down your notification drawer by sliding down from the top of your screen. Then press the gears (Settings) icon.photo_2018-09-08_16-06-33.jpg


2) Click Advanced settings.


3) Scroll down, see the touch sensitivity option? Click that and set it to ON!

(Hint: For older devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6/S7,S8, if you can’t find this option, try to hunt in your settings, for an option which allows you to use gloves with your Samsung Galaxy Device. This setting should be present either under “Display” or “Advanced settings” category)


4) Click Back (the right arrow on the bottom right), and enjoy your Galaxy Device working like it did, without the screen protector!

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So…Why does this happen?Β 

When we install full-screen curved Tempered glass screen protectors, especially on a Curved display like the Samsung Galaxy Series, most of the time (Even the auntie in your handphone accessories shop), won’t be able to install it with exact precision. Or the tempered screen glass protector isn’t manufactured to adhere exactly to the screen.

This means that there can be miniscule air-gaps between the display and the tempered glass screen protector. It may not be too obvious to the eyes, but that tiny imprecision is enough to mess with the touch controller on your expensive devices.

Doing this nifty settings hack allows you to get over this, and even use gloves on your screen. The only downside? It may cause your Samsung device to use a little more battery. But I’m sure you won’t mind a little less battery life to protect that expensive device. Right? πŸ˜‰

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