If you’re as particular (tech-savvy) as me, you’d have become irritated with Windows 10’s new power management feature.

For me, I have edited and created power plans to optimize my laptop for more battery life, or more performance on the go. In the past, with windows 7 and 8, it was super easy to toggle between the plans. Just select the battery icon, and choose a plan to shift to. That simple.

Now Windows wants to make it “easier”, and (maybe because it is, annoyingly, trying to make the control panel obsolete – For NO good reason even!), They have replaced that with a power slider.

In principle, how it should work is, slide it to the extreme left for max battery life. Adjust the slider to the right for more performance.

The problem? The feature does not configure the power settings well enough. I always end up throwing the (lame) power slider idea out, and toggling the power plans myself. 

But its difficult to toggle between power plans – Until now.

Here’s what you need to do to toggle the power plans easily!

(Note: This tutorial assumes you have already configured your power configurations and at least 2 Power plans)

  1. Hit start, Type control panel, select it. 2018-08-17-1-e1534494591747.png
  2. For this part, you will need control panel to display as small icons. If you see your control panel showing (a neat) categorized list, Go ahead and change the view to small (or large) icons. You can find that setting somewhere in the upper right of your screen. 2018-08-17-21.png
  3. Right Click power options, select create a shortcut. 2018-08-17-3.png

4. You will get a warning saying it needs to create the shortcut in your desktop. Select Yes.

2018-08-17 (4).png

5. Go to your desktop. And you’ll see a new icon called “Power Options – Shortcut”2018-08-17_161927

Select that, and you immediately have access to your power plans. Faster Toggling! 2018-08-17_163803.jpg


Of course, I wished Microsoft gave the option to revert to the standard power toggle option. For now, this neat trick is just 2 steps more (Requiring you to go to desktop, and double click this shortcut), But at least, i can toggle between my power plans just as easily. Let’s hope Microsoft does not take away this function too!

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