I love Mystery Boxes. There’s just something about ordering a gift to yourself, with an expectation of something nice arriving to your doorstep.

I bought this box off lazada in it’s March 3.3 Sale. If I had to sum it up, it is one of the good boxes I received. The box went for $49 during the sale and sold out pretty quickly.


So, what did I receive? Here’s exactly what I saw in the box, aside from a little paper showing the retail prices of the products I received. Prices shown are based on the sheet they provided.


Basically, 3 items:

  1. 20000mah Power Delivery PD USB Powerbank (Worth $99)
    20190328_184020 (1024x768).jpg20000mah is ALOT of power for a powerbank, but with great power, comes great bulk. quite heavy, and while it charges my devices well, there was one big caveat: It could not charge properly with my Samsung Fast Charge or Aukey Fast Charging Wall adaptor. Even though I left the powerbank plugged in for 8 hours (!), the LED lights on it continued to indicate 50% charge only.I thought my powerbank was defective, until I did further research. Turns out, the powerbank seriously, only supported Power Delivery Charging, which requires a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a special PD (power delivery) Power Adaptor. According to the Anker Lazada Rep, the model could not play well with standard quick charging chargers, and continued usage of such quick charges could damage the powerbank.


    I lent my bro’s PD charger and grabbed a USB-C to USB-C cable, and sure enough, only then did the powerbank started charging quickly.

    Confused about all these USB jargon I’m talking about? Fret not – Stay tuned to this blog, leave a comment and let me know. I’ll break it down for y’all in a future post.
    As a sidenote, no way this powerbank could sell well at $99. If I had gotten this powerbank at that price point, I’d have demanded for a refund immediately. Moving along…


  1. Anker Wireless Charger (Worth $29)20190328_184507.jpg
    This product was one of the bonus box-fillers in the box. Wireless Charging offers a next level convenience, letting you charge your device without the need of finding a cable.This charger, however, only supports 5V/2A (standard) Charging, meaning the wireless charging will take some time. Still, it had great build quality and heft to it, unlike some of the cheaper no-brand alternatives available in the market.
  2. A 0.3m Micro-USB Cable (Worth $20.90?!)20190328_184231 (766x1024).jpg
    To be honest, I’m surprised a micro-usb cable, this short,Β will come in such a big box. Best part? It’s a cable worth $29.90! loll. I can see why this product didn’t sell well in the market and ended up as a box fillerΒ XD. Especially considering most of the newer devices use USB-C today.With that said, it’s a great cable length for charging on the go outside.

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