Another day, another strange Microsoft-related error on my laptop to fix. Lol

So today I encountered this issue where my Onedrive for Business account from school. For some reason, I just ended up with the following error in Microsoft Onedrive:

“We can’t Sync your “Onedrive – <Insert Organisation Name> ” folder.

Sorry, we can’t add your “Onedrive – <Organisation Name>” folder right now. Please try again. Please try again.

Annotation 2020-05-06 221127 - Copy.jpg

I tried to search around for ways to resolve this error. But none of the solutions, even in microsoft’s forums, directly solved this problem. While I managed to remove and unlink the account from my computer, adding the same account back in would result in the same error recurring.

Fortunately, after some experimenting and digging around, I found a combination of solutions that solved this issue for me.

Here’s how you can solve this problem:

  1. Back up your affected onedrive folder, in case some files are lost (Better safe than sorry!)
  2. Close ALL instances of onedrive. This can be done by right clicking each of the onedrive icons on your taskbar, then selecting “Close OneDrive”. In my case, I closed both my personal and school account onedrive (Blue and white Onedrive Icons)
    Annotation 2020-05-06 235104.jpg
  3. The next few steps will delete the passwords of your onedrive accounts on the PC. Be sure to have it handy first. Once ready, press the start button, type “Credential manager”, and select that. Annotation 2020-05-06 235450.jpg
  4. Now, under credential manager, select “Windows Credentials”. Under Generic Credentials, Remove the “Onedrive Cached Credential business” account. Annotation 2020-05-07 000309a.png
  5. Now, to reset the Onedrive App. Press and hold the “Windows key”, then press R on your keyboard (Windows + R).  The Run window will appear. Copy paste the following command into the run window, then press OK.

    %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

    Annotation 2020-05-07 000822.jpg

  6. Restart your computer. We’re not done yet though!
  7. Might be Optional: We now need to delete the affected onedrive folder association (Shortcut) from windows explorer. If you can, please back up the affected onedrive folder first, then delete the folder from the computer. If you’re unable to do this now, You can try to skip this step but if my procedure fails to help, try the whole process again, but this time, removing the actual folder.
  8. Press the start button, type “regedit”. then Select Registry Editor. Annotation 2020-05-07 001848.jpg
  9. Registry Editor will open. Now, look under the following directory (You can copy paste this into the explorer path and press enter)


    Annotation 2020-05-07 0022092.png
    Now focus on the 2 subfolders (in the blue box).

  10. Find for the subfolder with the affected onedrive for business folder in the key. Once you found it, right click Annotation 2020-05-07 003754.png
  11. Now, reset Onedrive again, by Pressing and holding the “Windows + R” on your keyboard. The Run window will appear. Copy paste the following command into the run window, then press OK.

    %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset

    Annotation 2020-05-07 000822.jpg

  12. Restart your computer. Now, try to add the previously affected onedrive for business account. You can do this by right clicking on onedrive, settings, under account, press “add an account”. Everything should hopefully work the way it should now!

If the above steps didn’t work, try it again, but this time, removing the onedrive for business folder.

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