Throwback to December 2014, when SD Cards were extremely overpriced if you bought them from Singapore – So Amazon to the Rescue if you needed *decently* prized SD Cards, especially on Black Friday Sales!


Key Specifications: 

  • Up to 90MB/s Read Speed, 80MB/s Write Speed.
  • UHS-1 Rating
  • Waterproof, Temperature Proof, X-ray Proof and Magnetic Proof.

I bought this Card on a flash sale – $34.99 USD (Or $47.20 SGD) then – Even including the $5.99 USD Shipping fee (Or about $8), this was an excellent deal.  From my memory, Back then, Micro SD Cards of this size and performance would cost $80+ Dollars! Hence I took the risk of going without warranty – and purchased this SD Card from Amazon US (Amazon hadn’t even set up an official site for Singapore then).

There is a reason why this Samsung SD Card is marked as “PRO”. Samsung back then carried two lines of cards:

  1. The EVO Series represented the “Value”category of cards, which utilize TLC Memory (Or Triple Layer Cell Memory). Such cards offer great value and storage, but offer less read/write speeds due to the way TLC memory works, and will not last as long as MLC Cards (as they would wear out faster)
  2. and PRO series, meant for enthusiasts and photographers. This Series used MLC Flash Memory (Multi – Layer Cell) – Which can be considered as “Double Layer Cell Memory). Such cards inherently cost more to produce, but offer much faster read/write speeds, while being much more durable – being able to endure more read/write cycles than their TLC Counterparts.

As Android Phones back then came with limited amount of internal storage, and allowed users to “move” applications to the SD card (so you could install more apps), it made sense to invest in a high quality card that offered great read/write speeds, with enough capacity and long durability (I’ve ever encountered bad SD cards that simply stop working – some even losing the data on it!).

Fast forward to 2019, and this card is still functioning great. How great? Check out the speed from this SD Card using a USB 3.0 Card reader:

If you’ve seen my other review of the Transcend 256GB SD Card, You’d realize that even though this Samsung card is 5 years old, it still trashes the Transcend in terms of Sequential Write Performance (SEQ1M), measuring about 70-80MB/s vs about 45-50MB/S. This is no doubt due to the high quality MLC Flash chip inside the Samsung SD Card.

It’s just too bad that it’s time for me to move on to a higher capacity card, so this SD card will be repurposed for use in my Camera.

Since this SD Card has been of such great service, it has earned it’s place in #TechWithAaron’s Gadget Wall of Honor.