Today I’ll be reviewing the New Xiaomi 10000mAh New Gen 2 Powerbank (Dual USB Port) version. This is the latest Powerbank Product released from Xiaomi but NOT AVAILABLE thru official channels at this point (June 6 2018).

Overall Grade: 5/5. At just 24.90, the Xiaomi Gen 2 Powerbank (10000mah) is the best powerbank that everyone should get! 

Pros: -Light, able to quick charge a wide range of smartphones, like its older cousin. Dual USB allows you to share your charge with a friend at the same time, an added bonus! 

Cons: -No USB-C to micro-USB adapter. Still uses Micro-USB instead of USB-C to charge the powerbank, but at $24.90, it’s a minor fault we can overlook. 

Availability: Not available officially in Singapore. Available Via Parellel importers (Lazada: Click on the QR Code in the above link to access the website. 

Currently (As of 6 Jun 2018), official Mi Stores in Singapore still stock the previous version (Mi Powerbank 2), which only has 1 USB port. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PRODUCT! (Putting this here because The names of both products are very similar and confusing).

“Aaron, Are you sure? This can’t be right! I thought the stuff sold in Singapore is always the latest stuff”

Wrong in Xiaomi’s case. There are many Mi Products that Mi Singapore has yet to bring into Singapore officially. This includes the latest Mi Gamer Shark phone (a gaming oriented phone), and Mi Laptops. As a result, to get our hands on the latest products from Xiaomi, Most of us rely on third party vendors to parallel import such goods.

Just to be sure, I checked out MI China’s official website, and the product indeed exists! Check out the Mi China Website here> 

Anyway, Let’s get on with the Product Review! 

I bought my parallel import version from “Funky Creations” during Lazada’s Birthday sale in April. Here’s my take on the product I Received: 20180430_230726 (1024x768).jpg

The product came wrapped in a bubble wrap, on top of the original box. So product is Well protected during transit. Kudos to the seller for proper packaging!

Product Unboxing

Opening the box, we get the actual powerbank (with a warranty sticker from seller for 14 days warranty), a Micro-USB Cable, and the manual. The product packaging as usual, has the Mi Sticker to verify authenticity. This powerbank passes it, so we can be sure that I have a genuine product! I will show you how to verify if your Xiaomi Powerbank is real in another post.

20180430_231124 (1024x768).jpg

Sadly, you don’t get a Micro-USB to USB-C converter bundled in the box. This used to be given by Xiaomi when you purchased a Mi Powerbank Pro 10000mah (Which is the oldest fast charging slim Xiaomi powerbank). It’s quite surprising that Xiaomi would take a step back like this, when launching a new product.

Another strange point to note is that, even though this product is the latest product, it still uses the old Micro-USB connection to charge the device. Since most of the latest smartphones in the past 1-2 years have already moved to using USB-C, it’s quite strange that xiaomi would continue using the Micro-USB connection port. 

Personally i have no issues with the usage of a Micro-USB port, but this means you need to carry along an extra cable during travel if you own a USB-C device, and would like to charge this particular powerbank as well.

Product Specification:  I’ll help you with the chinese XD. It’s a 10000mah powebank, with Actual capacity of the powerbank during usage being about 6500mah. We can also see that it supports various quick charging specifications of 9V and 12V, which are widely used. Huawei supercharge (which is quiet rare to be found in a powerbank), is not supported – But then again, Few powerbanks can do that and such powerbanks costs alot more.


20180430_230854 (814x1024).jpg
For just $24.90, it’s great to see that the powerbank supports most well used fast charging protocols


My Usage Experience: 

If you have used the Mi Powerbank PRO 10000mah or Mi Powerbank 2 (Previous version), you’d be glad to know that the new version works just as well as its older cousins. Hook up a single smartphone to the charger, and the Powerbank automatically charges the phone with fastest and correct voltage.

Charge/Play with almost any device! 

As usual, you can charge lower-power consumption devices by double pressing the power button. This enables the powerbank to not power off automatically for 2 hours, while you use a low USB power product. This feature is very useful for powering USB LED lights, USB speakers, Mi Band 2 and other such devices.

Dual USB port is a breeze

Having used the original Mi 16000mah Powerbank when it first launched, i’m used to having dual USB ports. While not often used, this is a handy feature when for example, your friend forgets to charge/bring his powerbank and needs some help from you. With this new feature, both of you can charge your phones at the same time.

The only caveat? both devices won’t be charging at the fastest possible speed. Xiaomi states that when 2 devices are being charged, the powerbank reverts to charging at 5V 2.4A for each USB port, with combined maximum output at 15W. This means your phone does not charge at as high a speed, but for such a slim powerbank at this price, I think we can overlook this issue.

20180430_231536 (1024x531).jpg
The Dual USB ports is a feature I have grown used to seeing, and It’s awesome to finally see this in a slim powerbank like this one! 

Other Notes: 


Having owned the previous Mi Powerbank 2, i should warn that Old Mi Powerbank 2/Mi Powerbank PRO 10000mah powerbank silicon sleeves are not compatible with the new one. This new powerbank is as slim as the Mi Powerbank 2, but it slightly thinner and longer than it’s previous cousin. Thus, be very careful if you are buying a silicone sleeve for this powerbank.


Xiaomi has always impressed me with its awesome build quality at low prices. The new generation 10000mah powerbank is no exception – I’ve been using this product for slightly more than a month now, and it charges my phone very well. Having a dual USB feature is an added bonus, and for just 24.90, I doubt you’ll find a better deal elsewhere.

Availability: This product is not available officially in Singapore. However, I have provided the link to the exact product i bought from Lazada. Click the QR Code in the link below to purchase the product from a trusted source today!