I interrupt my usual blogs of tech news and gadget reviews, because we are living in unprecedented times.

Back in January 2020, over Chinese New Year, I knew COVID19 would be bad, especially considering how quickly the situation escalated in Wuhan, and how quickly the virus managed to spread all over mainland china. Fast forward to April 2020, and many countries are in lockdown.

In fact, it’s only sensible to wear a mask, even in the early stage of February/March (If you were sharp enough to make your own analysis and decision). Within this week week, Singapore managed to jump from just having about 200 cases a day, to a 300 cases Yesterday and Today (13th and 14th April 2020). Who knows how many more cases would surface in the next few days?

So, Singapore is clearly having some issues controlling the spread of this virus today (14th April). In fact, a new law was just passed today that requires EVERYONE inΒ  Singapore to wear a mask if they step out of the house, no matter the reason, otherwise, you’d be fined $300 (Link attached). Well, there is one exception: you could still exercise by running but you must immediately wear a mask when you stop, which isn’t very practical either. So my advise is, Just stay home. This law will be practiced with effect from tomorrow (15th April 2020).

As such, One concern I had was that the senior citizens (say, above 50 years old) may not have a social media presence or actively monitor the news. This may cause them to step out of the house without wearing a mask, and not realize that it is an offense to do so, and get slapped with a hefty $300 fine, just a day after the Government gave $600 to each Singaporean) πŸ˜‚

So here’s my solution: Print this banner and stick them in your household, to remind your household members to wear a mask when heading out. Also, send this banner to anyone whom you think may find such a reminder useful!

This banner is designed to print well on most household inkjet and laser printers, and be a nice looking free reminder to wear a mask unless you feel like “donating” half of your $600 gift from the government back to them. Hahah…

⏬Download this FREE resource to print and forward to others, link just below ⏬: 



Here's a free banner you can print and send to your friends if you'd appreciate a reminder to wear a mask before going out...otherwise be prepared to pay a fine from 15th April onwards.

And please, only go out when you need to buy something essential. COVID 19 is very stealthy at it’s initial stage. You could be asymptomatic (not displaying any symptoms) and yet be infecting your family with the virus

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