Recently, in Lazada Birthday Festival (This April 2018), I got lucky with some Lazada Boxes. But just how good are they? Time for an unbiased review to come up.

As mentioned in my teaser post, I will be reviewing 2 boxes – But today, I’ll be reviewing the first box i managed to get – By leapfrog distribution.

At this stage, I’d like to point out, that Leapfrog distribution is NOT the distributor of leapfrog “kids” products. Rather, Leapfrog distribution is the distributor for brands like Sonicgear, Armaggadeon and Elysium. A little more recently, they are also the distributor for Alcatroz and Audiobox. So for those that were surprised at the box items (not being kids products), well, now you know! ๐Ÿ˜›

So, Let’s bear in mind – Lazada promises, you would pay $29 for $100 worth of items. What did we actually get?

Expectations: Oh boy I was excited. Judging from other influencer posts, I was honestly expecting just 2 items. 1 Premium item and 1 box filler. Hmm. Perhaps the Sonicgear Space Series speakers plus a mouse? Or a nice Elysium Mechanical Keyboard? Or another Elysium Zeon III (Valued at about $99 in COMEX)? Sounds a bit far fetched but since it’s supposed to be a $100 box, I suppose one can dream.

Delivery day:It came in a pretty large box, so i thought it was really some good 2.1 speaker system inside. Until i lifted it up – Well, that’s a light box. Then I opened it up.

….And then reality hits. Iย didn’t get any of those. What i got was…well i’ll let you decide.

My initial thoughts – Oh man I was close but not quite – There was a speaker system and a keyboard inside (LOL). But, perhaps due to my over-expectations, this looks like a sad box.ย 20180523_234040 (1024x768).jpg

Honestly the products are pretty cheap products on their own, some of which obviously would not haveย sold well in the market so they had some excess inventory to sell off (Somehow, #TechWihAazron actually seems to know what consumers kinda want). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay so lets get it down – I won’t review each product in detail here (Each product may be reviewed individually on a later date). Instead, let’s focus on 2 prices: Actual Selling price and Market Price.

Actual Price: Being sold either in Lazada or outside

Market Price: How much does it cost to get the product in normal promo periods (or a similar product)?

Item 1: Alcatroz Bluetooth Keyboard

This is silver in colour. Well i’ve used it for a month and aside from its quirks (E.g. no windows key), so far, it has been a pretty good keyboard! Sells for $24.90 a pop in Lazada. But if you got it in the IT show, you could have gotten it for 19.90. But still, i thought this was the best item in the box. Perhaps the only reason why i didn’t return the box though.

Item 2:ย Alcatroz X-Audio 2.1 USB Speaker systemย 

Mine was In Light Blue: I wonder what kind of person wants a light blue speaker? Build quality is a joke – Hollow plastic so i think the box resonates with the sound at certain frequencies (Not good). Even with the sub woofer at max, the bass is just…bearable. Lazada sells it for $39.99ย but i’ve seen it go in the IT show for just 9.90.2018-05-24_005106.png

Item 3: Armaggadeon AD-17-M Mouse Mat20180523_234221 (1024x768).jpg

Well, I don’t use mousemats, they tend to be given out as free? As of today, their website also lists a mousemat product as free (LOL). But the quality of the mousemat dosen’t feel too bad – so i’d value it at $10. Gamers that know the product, perhaps can help with the inputs on its actual price! (I doubt i’m far from the market price though)

Item 4: Alcatroz VS55 Wired Mouse

To be fair this item looks cool when used. It would light up colorfully. I use a wireless version of it as my daily driver, and it works really well for day to day usage on non-reflective surfaces. Today it sells for about $12.90 on Lazada (Market Price). Actual retail price is $29.90

Item 5: Alcatroz TZLA Slim 4000mah

What a sad powerbank. 4000mah is barely enough to charge one phone fully (Due to efficiency) . And it’s only going to charge it at normal 5V 2A output (Slow charging). No Fast Charging support. In day to day usage, this means i would have to carry my phone around with a cable sticking out for a longer period outdoors. Actual selling price $24.90. But, honestly, no one would buy this at that price.ย ย Lazada Sells it for $8.90 today. So, i guess if you really need a cheap powerbank, this can do. Although, personally, i think it’s more worth it to top up and get a Xiaomi powerbank that supports fast charging.

Anyway, back to our main point: How much is the box worth?ย  Using

Actual Selling price: 24.90 + 39.90 + 10 + 29.90 + 24.90 = $124.90!ย 
Wow. Sounds like a good deal! But wait, but it certainly didn’t feel that great of a box.

The market price of the box: 24.90 + 9.90 + 10 + 12.90 + 8.90 = $66.60

Ah. That’s more representative of the feeling I had with this box – A decent box, sure. Is it worth $100? Technically, Yes, by RRP, the box is actually worth it! But the items in it, aren’t really worth even their RRP. The products are okay by themselves but you just can’t get rid of the feeling that this box was partly used to clear some excess inventory items.

Conclusion: So the Leapfrog Mystery Box from Lazada was…decent. If i had to rate the box, it’ll score 7/10.ย  I was disappointed with the box contents, but at least this box came with pretty usable (but cheap) products.

I’d have preferred a box with just 1 great item tho. Perhaps future Lazada Sellers can take note: Better to have 1 great item in a box, rather than diversifying and sending out boxes that not only cost more to ship (Because of bigger volume size), but would also potentially irritate the customer because the box was practically loaded with many unwanted items.

Part 2 Will be next – And more interesting. What’s in a Memory World lazada box?
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