Overall Score: 95/100 At only $45.90, there’s no other powerbank in this price range that can compete with the 20000 mah Mi Powerbank


-High battery capacity

-Supports fast charging, USB-C and daisy chaining


-Size of powerbank is quite bulky and difficult to keep in a pocket.

Today, I’ll be doing a review of the Xiaomi 20000mah Powerbank.

Xiaomi has always made powerbanks that are constructed with high quality components, and yet cost a lot less than many other powerbank brands! Thus, the impressive performance of the Mi 20000mah Powerbank is not much of a surprise. This powerbank comes with nifty features that are perfect for travelers!

Upon unboxing the powerbank, you get a quick manual, a white micro-usb cable and, of course, the mi powerbank itself.

Left to right: The box, The mi 20000 powerbank, a quick manual and a USB cable. Yes, the box looks bland, but it contains a extremely good powerbank!



The 20000mah powerbank comes in white and is constructed with plastic. It has a matte textured feel, so it wont be easy for you to lose grip on this device. The design is a little industrial, but at this price, we’re not complaining. If you’d like, you could get a silicone case for this powerbank (of the colour that you like) to spice things up abit, and you’d be a happy camper 😀

The best part? Getting a silicone case will also protect the powerbank better against hard knocks. We all want the powerbank to last longer with us, don’t we? 😛20160523_001805.jpg

The only con about this powerbank is that it is a quite bulky to hold in the hand and thus very difficult to keep in a pocket. Thus if you buy this powerbank, you are more likely to have to stuff this inside your bag.

If you need power and also have to stuff the powerbank in your pocket, We’d recommend taking a look at Xiaomi’s 10000mah slim powerbank.

The Test

Xiaomi has rated this charger as having 20000mah power at 3.6v. Xiaomi also rates this charger as having up to 93% conversion rate as well. 20160523_001642.jpg

There are ways to calculate how much actual charge you would get when you charge your smartphone. In this scenario, i will be using the powerbank to charge my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, which has a 4000mah battery rated at 4.40v.

Based on my calculations, this powerbank should be able to charge my Xiaomi Redmi Note about 3.9 times fully. Take note that this is a theoretical value, and due to factors such as wasted heat (from the phone and powerbank), cable resistance and other inefficiency factors, the actual amount of charge that is attained will be less.

In my test, this powerbank was able to charge my redmi Note 3 fully around 3.2 times. This is very much in line with what i’d expect from a charger of this capacity. Furthermore, The powerbank does not heat up during use, which is a good thing as batteries inside the powerbank will deteriorate very quickly if it heats up a lot during use.

Nifty Feature 1: Fast Charging

Unlike most of the other powerbanks in the market, this charger supports fast charging. This means that you can use your phone’s Fast charging power adapter to charge the powerbank. Xiaomi says that on a 3Hr fast charge, you’ll get 11000mah of charge in the powerbank. This is an impressive amount of charge, as standard powerbanks usually only charge up to around 5000mah during the same time period, since they do not support fast charging methods.

Nifty Feature 2: Daisy Chaining ability Makes it even better

Apart from that, this charger also supports daisy chaining. What this means is that while the powerbank is being charged by your wall charger, you can use another usb cable to connect your phone to the powerbank as well, thus allowing up to charge up to 3 devices at once! This allows you to makes full use of your wall charger., and makes the powerbank a boon to travelers as now, they have the option of just carrying less wall adapters to charge their devices while overseas. Of course, please expect longer charging times while you do this.

I have tested this and personally I love this daisy chaining feature as i now can charge both my powerbank and my smartphone while I sleep, using just 1 wall adaptor. This is convenient and now i don’t need to use 2 wall adaptors just to charge both my smartphone and powerbank.

Nifty Feature 3: USB-C Support! 

This powerbank is also touted to be able to charge USB-C devices, even Apple’s latest Macbook. I have not been able to test this, but given Xiaomi’s Track record, I’m sure we can trust them on their word 🙂

Pricing, Availability and Conclusion

This charger is Available at Lazada, Challenger and Xiaomi’s Official store (In suntec City), for only $45.90 (excluding shipping). The powerbank comes with 1 year Local warranty from Xiaomi against manufacturing defects.

This is an extremely good price for a high quality powerbank like this, as very few (or none!) of the other reputable powerbank makers have been able to match Xiaomi’s range and features in a Powerbank, at this pricing!


Please take note that there are alot of unofficial stores online and in the market. These unofficial stores are likely to hold grey sets that do not have Xiaomi’s Local warranty. In fact, some unscrupulous stores could sell Fake Xiaomi Powerbanks to you if you’re not careful! (I have seen many cases of fake Xiaomi powerbanks being sold to friends).

Therefore, please do yourselves a favour and just get the powerbank from the above trusted sellers. If you’re feeling lazy to walk down to a store, you can get it from the Lazada store above. This link above is from the official Xiaomi Store in Singapore and you won’t be cheated.