Just a quick heads-up, If you’re buying Samsung “Fast Charge” Wireless chargers from Qoo10, BEWARE OF FAKES!

I have came across a fake Wireless Charger from Qoo10. Sold by “Q-M**T” Store, this seller sold me a fake samsung fast charge wireless charger.

On first glance, it seemed to fast charge my Galaxy S6+ Edge. However, after 15 minutes, i observed that the charger stopped charging intermittently, or swapped to use normal charging by itself. The phone was also unusually hot. I sensed something was amiss with the Charger. And, lo and behold, i found out i was sold a fake!

Looks real enough. Legit. I thought it was a real product, until my techie senses came along 😛


I am thankful that the seller has admitted to his fault when confronted and refunded me the money. BUT i also realize the seller has deleted the original listing and relisted THE SAME PRODUCT, in order to DELETE my review from the Qoo10 Page. 

NOTE: I will never be sure if the seller has changed his ways and is selling the original charger now. BUT, to be on the safe side, i know i’ll never trust this seller again.

Original Snapshot of the product i bought from this Qoo10 Store. See? Supposed to be an Authentic Product being sold! I paid 29.90 + 9.90 = 39.90 for the charger. The extra 9.90 was selected when choosing the “Authentic” fast charge wireless charger.
New listing by the seller. I notice the price has increased, so i do hope that this store has changed its ways and is selling genuine products. But i know i’ll never buy from this store again, because the trust is already broken.

Whichever the case, i shall be posting my review and experience on my tech blog, so that less innocent tech-goers will be scammed unknowingly from such unscrupulous sellers who still sell fake products.


So, how to tell if your Samsung Wireless Charger is…FAKE? 

  1. PACKAGING – Ensure that the stickers sticking on the Samsung Wireless charger box is the circle transparent type of sticker. If you notice normal tape being used to stick the box up, It is most likely a fake product because it means that the box has already been tampered with (maybe to take out the real charger and place in the fake charger to sell to you? No one knows!)IMG_20160506_183326.jpg
  2. PACKAGING PRINTING – Got your samsung fast wireless charger with a box? Good! Now see the print quality of the features and safety instructions at the back of the box. Genuine boxes will have very clear print ink on the plastic, because companies like Samsung would want their packaging to exhibit quality as well. If you notice blurred text that seem as if it was printed with poor quality ink or which seems like it was scanned and printed on the box, then you know what? Congrats, you have a fake box in your hands! 😛IMG_20160506_183505.jpg
  3. Wireless Charger Serial Number: If your samsung wireless charger has the following serial number, you have a confirmed fake in your hands. It Cannot be that your wireless charger has the exact same unique serial number as mine, especially if it is a real product, right?! I’ve already found many images of this fake charger with this exact serial number online, so i hope you’re not the next victim! Serial number of fake wireless charger: RF7G80AG77ACIS
  4. Intermittent Charging: If your samsung wireless charger pad starts with Fast Charging, then suddenly switches to normal charging or starts flashing blue/green led lights, you may have a fake in your hands as well. This happened because on fake chargers, there is NO FAN to dissipate the heat caused by wireless charging. On real samsung wireless chargers, you won’t have sudden stoppage of fast charging. The fan built into the real wireless chargers will prevent heat from forcing the charger to stop charging quickly.
  5. Operating Manual- if you see a paper pamphlet like this as the manual, you *may* have a fake in your hands. The last time i checked, the manual was supposed to be a little booklet of this size, written with various languages.IMG_20160507_173711.jpg

If your product ticks all the above signs, you can be rest assured you have a fake in your hands. I hope you can try to return/refund it! Otherwise, it’s your call to continue using the fake charger, or start sourcing for a real charger.

Yes the fake chargers do work, but is it a safety hazard, or will it slowly damage your phone with the heat? I never tested it, but i would not want to take that risk if i were you.



When buying technology products online, always take note of the product reviews. the more product reviews you have, the better. Price is not always the defining factor of telling if the product sold is genuine or not. Back then in july 2016, I could buy a real ‘fast charge’ wireless charger from another seller in Qoo10 (Shop name: 1st) at $44.50. So i thought i scored a even better deal with this Q-Ma*t Seller, which was selling it $39 (It was just several dollars cheaper!). I’m Really fortunate that i still managed to get my money back. Otherwise, i would have considered taking even more serious action against this seller!

RECOMMENDATION FOR QOO10 Fast Wireless Charger:

So, still Looking around for a real fast charge wireless charger from Qoo10? I recommend the seller called 1st, as this seller ships the product from South Korea. I have bought mine from this seller and it was a genuine product. Now he is also selling it for $39.90, so it is a great buy – although again, there is no local warranty for such imported products!

I don’t get any commission from recommending this seller. I just want to make sure everyone gets their hands on real stuff-and not get conned by unscrupulous sellers!


This seller i am recommending already has attained himself 1000 reviews! That’s alot of products being sold for a Qoo10 Listing!

If you see the other fake sellers, you will notice that they won’t leave their listing up with so many reviews, because Tech-Savvy reviewers like me can tell between real and fake ones, and would leave bad reviews behind. Unscrupulous sellers will then delete the original listing, and relist their product shortly after in order to delete our reviews. Really bad business practice from other unscrupulous stores!

I have bought from this “1st” seller’s listing. It now has about 1000+ reviews by other people, which is good proof that they do sell the real stuff.

I hope my article has been useful to you. Do share around as public knowledge so less people can be conned. Have a great day Ahead! 😀