Have you fixed your iDevice before at aftermarket mobile phone shops, because it would save you some cash? Then i’d suggest you don’t update that iDevice you are holding now, because it just might get bricked by the next update!

You can read more about this new development via bbc here:Β http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-35502030

In my opinion, This type of really extreme actions would anger a very big base of iphone users. I have seen lots of people who have cracked their iphone LCD screen and got it replaced from aftermarket mobile shops

Imagine a scenario where you cracked your iphone screen and got your screen replaced from “ah smart phone shop” (because it was cheaper) , and today your iphone just died on you because apple decided that since you didn’t obey them or seek their official (and super expensive) friendly services, you should not have a iphone to use.

Many users don’t really care if the part is official or not. All that matters should be, does the part work?

This action that apple has done is really unethical and is bound to cause lots of havoc within many apple users out there

Users should have the full right to do whatever they want to their phone, because they have bought the device with their cold hard-earned cash. Even if using an aftermarket part would cause security risks, it should not give apple the right to brick the device! At most, it should just warn the user of the security implications that the aftermarket part could impose. Nothing more.

Imo, This type of rather unethical buisness practices that apple has been adopting recently, would be the reason why i will continue using my (so-far) favourite android based Samsung or Xiaomi Phones, and continue to stay really far away from Apple products πŸ˜›Β β€ͺ#β€ŽTechWithAaron‬

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