And finally, we have come to the last part of our “What to find in a Computing Device” series. And that is, do you want a computer that can transform!

“Transformers, ROLL OUT!” Nahs. Just kiddin. Your laptop ain’t gonna transform into the next Optimus prime. BUT it can transform into a tablet sometimes!

Some notebooks come with special functionality that boost your productivity further. In this part, we look at notebooks that can convert into tablets, and vice versa

1) Tablet to notebook:  Microsoft Surface Pro


This PC comes as a tablet alone, and an optional keyboard dock. This allows the tablet to become a notebook.

2) Notebook to Tablet (1): Dell XPS


This PC has a 180 degree rotate screen to convert into a tablet.

3) Notebook to Tablet (2):  Lenovo Yoga and Asus Taichi


This PC has a special hinge that allows you to open your notebook 360 degrees to turn into a tablet.

Or even better, the HP Spectre X360! It’s thin, extremely light, can convert to a tablet, and is really cool looking! Comes with a backlit keyboard and either a core i5 or i7 processor, together with a really fast SSD and a really brilliant display! If you want a light laptop, you’ll fall in love with this. You have to try this notebook out. I recommend getting this ultrabook 😀



And with that, we have come to the end of our “What to find in a computing device” 9-part series. We hope you have gained enough knowledge to set forth and purchase your new computing device! If you have any other questions, you may ask us via the comments below. All the best to choosing your perfect device!