Good Morning Everyone! It’s 12:18 am on the 5th of August, 2015.

Today is a big day toΒ all of us. Nope. It’s not Singapore’s SG50 National Day yet! πŸ˜›

Instead, Today is the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Aaron’s Tech Tips Website!

This Website will cover tips, tricks, happenings and reviews of some latest IT Gadgets available.

You’ll be interested to know that SP Notebook Reviews is our subsidary site, even though it was a website launched way back in Year 2013 to help Singapore Poly Students choose a notebook that they won’t regret buying.

Why Subsidiary you may ask. Well, simply because it’s the same owner. Expect the same high quality, share-worthy articles to be written around here in the future.

Our first article will beΒ on “How to Choose a Good Notebook/Tablet”. This article is actually a repost of our content in SP Notebook Reviews, but we will be migrating it here since these are awesome IT Tricks that everyone should know of before buying their next computer or tablet.

Cheers and Enjoy my websites!

Chief Editor of Aaron Tech Tips and SP Notebook Reviews